A deeply disturbing psychological, survival horror. Played through the mind of Alex Mannfield, a once successful novelist who, after his wife died, fell into a world of despair and alcoholism.

After the death of Emily Mannfield (Alex's Wife), Alex tried to write again. Tried not to drink all the time, tried not to kill himself... He knew that it couldn't go on like this, but he didn't care. He hadn't written anything in five years. All the literary agents had lost his number.

On one fateful night, however, a man told him that he cold change that. That Alex could see Emily again. But was it worth it?

Play as Alex and use bad magicks to go in your mind to find where the world of the living and the world of the dead meet. Use your own psyche to manipulate the environment, and as a weapon. Solve puzzles to reconnect parts of your mind that have been lost for years. But be careful, not all memories are good ones. Can you find Emily? Is it worth it? Every action or act of aggression has an effect on the game. Remember, you are in your mind. Be too violent, and risk destroying parts of your mind, be too gentle and lose Emily forever. The choice is yours.

DREAD is being built in Unreal Engine 4 for PC. But if we can get enough donations we will move DREAD to XBOX ONE, and Playstation 4.



Stumbling through a Cold and unforgiving landscape, you are confronted by glimpses ofthe past, But Whose are they? As you wander, explore an unreal landscape and unravel the mysteries it holds; Perhaps they hold a clue to the way out.

CreepVR is an Immersive detective-style puzzle game with psychological and survival elements; Taking Inspiration from classics like Myst, and Silent Hill. Built in Unreal Engine 4

Copyright © Markus Young. All rights reserved.

Copyright © Markus Young. All rights reserved.

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